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Originally Posted by Maxwell Murder
Yeah, sorry I apologise. I did get it brand new and I now recognise the disc that I need. Just can't seem to find it anywhere in the house. All I can find is the Hardware test CD. Grrrrr.

Bah, I'm just gonna jump in feet first and see what happens.
LOL - Sometimes that's the best way to do it. I held-off from installing Panther on my Beige G3 AIO because I was a bit scared of the installation process (since a third-party application called XPostFacto is required to install Panther on the Beige G3's), but after I was finished, I was sorry that I didn't do it sooner. As trpnmonkey41 stated, there aren't many applications that work in Jaguar but don't work in Panther, so you shouldn't have any problems.

As for your other question about backing-up programs, a clean installation will be just that - a completely clean installation of the OS, so any applications that were previously on the disk (as well as any information, saved files, etc.) will be lost. You should back-up any files you'll need, and make sure you can locate all of the application disks for reinstallation before you do the clean install.


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