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So after installing Leopard, I decided to set up a Windows partition to do some gaming. I went into Bootcamp, established the partition, and proceeded to install Windows XP. After going through some of the Windows installation menus, it reformatted the partition to NTFS, which took about 45 minutes. I then went ahead with the install. After some copying of files and what not, the system rebooted, and returned to the same screen, which showed the partition was still not formatted. Growing tired of all this, I decided to give up for the night, ejected the Windows disk using the keyboard, and restarted the computer.

After the computer rebooted, it attempted to return to the Windows install, but without the disk, I just got this gray screen with a picture of a blinking file with a question mark. I inserted the Leopard installation disk, which the system recognized. I was then brought to the Leopard main screen of selecting a language, and then choosing to install Leopard again. I figured I had overwritten something along the way, so was just going to reinstall Leopard. However, when it came time to choose which disk to install it on, the only thing that was listed was my external drive. No hard disk in my system was displayed.

I tried a second and third restart, hoping the disk would show, but nothing came up. I also followed the instructions of restarting and holding down C to access the disk utility, but nothing happened.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do? I'm thinking I will need to reformat the hard drive, but being new to Macs, I am unsure how to do that at this point.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Please help me save my Mac!

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