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Maxwell Murder
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Basically, I am going to upgrade to Panther soon but it all hinges, in my mind as to how easy it is to revert back to 10.2 if some of my most used programs don't work properly. It's not worth the hassle if they don't work as I use my Mac a lot, every day.

When I got my eMac, it came pre-installed with 10.2. I don't recall having any OS boot CDs and I certainly can't find them as they would've been stored with the rest of my computer-related documentations (manuals, licenses etc).

I was wondering if anyone knew how easy it was to go back to runnning 10.2 (should I not like and my programs not get on with) 10.3, and if so, is it possible without a disk, or is there a way of making my own 10.2 boot disk?

I am fully aware that Tiger will be released soon but I don't want to bother with 10.4 if my programs don't work with 10.3!

Any help would be much appreciated.
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