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Originally Posted by wrightm View Post
I do have my own domain name......
does this make things easier in terms of putting up a player or playlist. I'm sure it really is quite easy. I know my html, but I'm not versed at all in flash stuff. I found some free players to insert; but don't understand much of the different swf/xml sort of pages and playlist formats and such.

Thanks for the info on the window resize thing. I did not know it switched the size to all new pages loaded. That really would suck...I guess that idea is out the window. Guess it's c'est la'vei on the music stuff on the site.
If you want to hang on till tomorrow afternoon, I'm happy to give you a hand.

Friend of mine has a jukebox on her site - it has a few MP3s loaded on the server, and you choose what to listen to. It doesn't 'interfere' with the actual website at all, it just plays in the background. I'll see what it is and how to install it.
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