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well, the smaller new window is not a main part of my website. I have some music that I would like to post on a temp basis. After traveling the world for two years, I would like to share some of the music I found.
I have looked into some music players to host on my site; but found them too complicated for myself....even the ones which say they are really easy. I am sure that I could figure it out with a days worth of playing around; but I dont have time for that and this will only be up for a few weeks anyways.
I found I can easily put up one song per page using dreamweaver; so I figured I'd have a page with the description of the music; and then if they wan to listen they click the link and a small side window pops up with the music player. If they don't like it, they close it and click on the next link and get the next music window. seemed like an easy temp solution.
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