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Originally Posted by Geeky1 View Post
You're definitely right as far as USB goes... For whatever reason, my experience with USB2.0 has been that while it's faster on paper than FW400, in the real world, it's not. However, FW400 has a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 50MB/s. Figure a real-world maximum of probably about 45 (based on my experience). I've never, ever seen a 5.4k laptop drive hit a sustained transfer rate much above 35MB/s. A modern 7200rpm desktop drive will easily hit over 50, which would make the FW400 interface a bottleneck, but it'd still be a lot faster than the 5.4k internal drive.
USB doesn't educate it's users, it's only possible to get a maximum of 66% of it's throughput to a single device. To get the full avertised "450Mb/sec" or whatever they're saying it gets, you have to have 2 devices attached, and you get 450 by having both devices run at 225Mb/sec. So, for a single device, USB will never be faster than FW400, and it will slow your computer down in the process since USB uses processor power, whole Firewire doesn't. Something you don't want to be using while you're just moving files around.
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