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You know, the other thing to consider-and the approach I'd take in this situation-would be to get a mac-compatible SATA ExpressCard, and a SATA enclosure.

Originally Posted by mapexvenus
ow! I guess learned something today. I seriously thought an internal SATA drive running at 5400 rpm was FASTER than an external drive.
Nah... a 5400rpm drive, regardless of interface, is good for little more than a very, very small boat anchor.

(ok, I exaggerate... but they're very slow relative to 7200rpm drives)

Originally Posted by nZa
Your internal drive is faster than a Firewire 400 drive, and MUCH faster than a USB drive. Don't be fooled, it's just Firewire 800 that's blazing
You're definitely right as far as USB goes... For whatever reason, my experience with USB2.0 has been that while it's faster on paper than FW400, in the real world, it's not. However, FW400 has a theoretical maximum transfer rate of 50MB/s. Figure a real-world maximum of probably about 45 (based on my experience). I've never, ever seen a 5.4k laptop drive hit a sustained transfer rate much above 35MB/s. A modern 7200rpm desktop drive will easily hit over 50, which would make the FW400 interface a bottleneck, but it'd still be a lot faster than the 5.4k internal drive.

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