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Hey guys- I spent quite a while trying to search for a thread about this, because I didn't think I was the only one with this problem. But I couldn't find a single one!

I don't really use photo booth very often. But whenever I have friends over they are FASCINATED with it, and ALWAYS want to take tons of pictures of themselves! It gets really annoying because it always ends up freezing, and I can't get it to un-freeze without totally restarting my computer! It's really annoying when I've been working on an essay, and have a buncha important stuff up, then I have to re-start my computer and then open everything back up again, just so my friends can take pictures of themselves.

They've gotten so used to doing it they don't ask anymore. And if I say they can't get on cuz it freezes it, they just won't take no for an answer! I really need to figure out what's making it freeze!

Any ideas?!

It only came with 512 mb of memory. I got it almost a year ago, since then the middle-level macbook like I have has upgraded to twice the memory for the same price...

Also, is there any way I could make it so you need a password to open photo booth? ALL my stuff is on the admin account (cuz when I first got my mac I didn't know any better).

PLUS, it's kinda embarrassing to me because it makes it look like my computer is crap! I mean, when the one thing my friends always get on always freezes, they assume it's crap.
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