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i'm planning on purchasing an isight for my month old powerbook, but had a few questions that i thought some of you guys could help me out on:

i was going through the apple website and looked through the details on the isight. it says that you NEED to have ichat av.. do i really? i mean because the people i will be video conferencing with own a windows based computer. and i doubt that there is an ichat for windows. basically, can i use another chat program that supports video conferencing.. say.. yahoo messenger perhaps and use that?

second (already on the topic of windows based computers), will an isight work perfectly fine from an apple computer to a windows computer? or any other operating system other than apple in general?

and lastly, for all you isight users.. how do you find the isight to be? is it really worth my money? any feedback on it?

thanks for replying in advance!
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