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As I work in customer in a customer service organization I agree 100% with dacameraman. I work in an industry that my customers always want something for free, but rarely admit when it's their fault. Fortunately for me not many people know more or seem to know more about my products. As the "Expert" I don't like dealing with people who think they know more than me about my machines. Because like a MAC they really don't. I deal with irate people every day and believe me if they would only step back and put themselves in my place I don't think they would act that way. Yes to a point the customer is always right but there is a point when they are wrong. I find nothing wrong with letting your support person know your level of knowledge as long as it is put out there as a way of letting them know that they can start at a certain level rather than at a newbie level. Definitely leave the ego elsewhere is has no place in the whole problem solving equation. Let the support guys do their jobs and try to treat them as you would want to be treated if you were on the other side of equation. For the record I work in banking support industry. We manufacture and support all products from ATMs to Locks, VATs and just about everything that has to do with banking. So as you can see I deal with lots of people on a given day.
This is just my 2 cents worth.
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