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Quick summary: Old PC crashes & burns. Fortunately had all my music files on back up hard drive.
Two glitches. One many of the tracks on my PC library were encoded in WMA. When I attached the hard drive, to transfer the music to the new Imac, worked like a charm, except the WMA tunes were ignored.

Number two: Spent the last week installing Rhapsody on my daughters PC laptop. Technical glitches galore were not allowing me to re-download my hundreds of purchased tracks. Finally after hours with tech support, the tracks again are mine (at least to the extent DRM allows).

Question number 2: Is there an easier way to convert the tracks from realaudio to a method that would allow me load them to Itunes? Burning 800 tracks to disc, and manually entering track info will take forever. I noticed someone mentioned doing it through network connections, and playing the tune copies to Itunes library. Can I set up the PC as a network computer?

One last related item. Some of the tracks I imported from my backup drive, I would like to change the genre. Is there a way to make a bulk change? I know in the PC I could select all, and make the change. Have not found a way other than clicking each individual track to edit the settings.

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