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gkevin, jut to explain, those two links are threads in Mac-Forums on the same subject.

Please understand that plenty of same subject threads have been started on Leopard for one thing, and some members have little patience with this proliferation of cloned threads.

Also remember that in the forum rules it does say to use the search before posting. Not many people do this and we end up with 20 threads on Leopard, for example, in a 24 hour timespan.

All this really boils down to is to make searches in the forums easy and keep the forums tidy for future reference.

From the forum rules:

2- Posting Ettiquette: Please use descriptive titles, use search before posting, keep threads on topic,and don't cross-post. Please do not hotlink to images unless it is from your own webhosting or you have the permission of the domain you're taking it from. Please, do not post personal information such as addresses phone numbers, ID numbers, or any other private info.