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That would make me pretty angry, but I think I know what would have happened if you didn't return that MacBook.

That same exact thing happened to my white MacBook: 2.16GHz (Is yours the same model) that I bought back in August.. It had minor scratches all over the laptop, and the cables looks as if they had been used, and the handle on the box was broken.

I knew that minute I should have taken it back and questioned them, but I thought that I could just boot it up and see if there were any problems. I booted the beast up and everything was working fine, so I didn't mind, because I also had a 17" MacBook Pro to boot up.

A few weeks of little use on the white MacBook and I decided to boot it up for a little play time and the screen was black! I looked closer and it was like the backlight had disappeared, I could hardly see anything on the screen. I felt so scared, so I got out my "Everything Mac" manual and searched through it, I found a little key sequence that fixes that every time it happens. And it's starting to happen more often.

I should get it replaced, huh?
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