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[Edit] Im sorry.. I posted this in the wrong section.. this isnt a hardware problem.[/edit]


I was issued an Ibook for school, by my school. Everybody has them, and there is a huge wireless network at school that goes through a proxy. Well heres getting to the question.

I have a wireless network at home, cable internet with a linksys router. The thing Is I want to connect my ibook to my network and get to the internet. What happens is my ibook will connect to my router, but it can not reach the internet because it is still configured to access the internet through the proxy IP of 10. bla. bla. bla and I do not have admin privilages to change/delete the proxy IP. So.. is there a way I can configure my ibook, or maybe my router (I heard somthig before ablut setting up a gateway.. what is that and will it work?) Or maybe there is a program I can get so I can access the internet and or ftp at home by bypassing this proxy.
Oh btw.. mac OSX 10.3 and it is a linksys wrt54g router

Thanks alot!
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