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That's just BS. Should-a...could-a...would-a...when situations like this happen to me, I always get them to commit to some type of inconvenience compensation over the phone before I return to the store....and then, always deal with the manager, not the night-shift dufus who 'claims' he's the acting assistant manager on duty nor any salesman....just bypass those bafoons immediately.

Also, don't expect them to throw you a bone unless you're upfront about it....and play it off like it's 10x's worse than it really is. The store needs to learn a lesson from this bone-headded move and take quality control seriously.
...and another thing....although I love my Macbook and OS X, I HATE the aire of arrogance from many of the Apple stores, their employees and the fan-boi drones that frequent them and push anything-Apple as God-like and evangelistic gospel..../rant
...{starting breathing exercises}
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