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I sold my macbook last week because I wanted a core 2 duo and mine was the older model. I also wanted to wait til the Leopard announcement before buying one because I wanted to make sure I'd be eligible for an inexpensive upgrade. So I went to the Apple store today, cash in hand, psyched.

Got there talked to one of the employees and he went in the back and grabbed me the white MB with superdrive. Awesome, I had my 2 year old in tow and I just wanted to get home and get my backups over onto my new mac, feed my son dinner and then plug away.

I got home and the first thing I noticed was that the box had 2 clear pieces of tape sealing it, one over top of the other. I called the Apple store and the guy told me that's what happens when they have a computer there that they need to update with new docs or software (iLife 08), etc.

Cool. I went upstairs and got my hard drive, threw a lasagna in the oven so I could feed my son while I began working on my NEW Mac.

I opened the box and was SO....

...let down.

The cords weren't wrapped the way my wife's macbook pro cables were 2 weeks ago when we bought that. The clear piece of plastic band around the extension power cord was ripped off, the plastic around the square power supply was ripped off and put back on as evident by the bubbles under the plastic and the plug was obviously plugged in because the plastic sealing the metal tabs that insert into an electric socket was ripped so the tabs could be opened. The sticker that seals the computer in its packaging was ripped and I took the DVD's out of the little box (which wasn't closed properly, and wouldn't because it was bent) and the O.S. DVDs had fingerprints on them.

To say I was let down is an understatement. I called the store and they told me all the managers were busy and to just come into the store. Fine, I packed everything back up, got my son dressed, turned off the lasagna and drove back to the Apple store.

When I got there I was greeted by the person that I spoke to on the phone and he took my receipt, examined the package and went back to get me a new computer. I waited a few minutes and he came out and started ringing me up again. He was nice and very apologetic and said he'd never seen that happen before, then he said "that often". He said it was strange that the packaging was like that and if they were going to do a drop in (update the package with iLife '08, etc) it would be a lot cleaner than that and they don't use the power supplies that are in the computer's packaging. He couldn't explain why they were like that and neither could one of the assistant managers. But they both agreed that it isn't normal, especially for a "drop in".

After being rung up, I said that's it? Nothing for the trouble of having to drive 45 minutes BACK to the store? Maybe 5% off or something or a free upgrade to Leopard or an apology by a manager? NOTHING. The sales guy called the manager over and asked him if he wanted to give me anything for all my trouble and the manager said "we didn't charge you a restocking fee of 10%, so that should be enough." I said, well it isn't enough and this was a HUGE inconvenience after spending $1300 here (and $2k for a MBP 2 weeks ago along with $300 for a touch the same night). In NO WAY was I rude either, I was polite and level headed the entire conversation.

He said, "I didn't have to take the computer back and we did give you a 10% discount already because we didn't charge you the restocking fee".

If he would have came over and just said, "ya know, I'm really sorry for the hassle but I can't do anything other than the exchange" that would have been WAY cool. Instead he was cold and just borderline rude.

Now I'm not one of those people that complain about every little thing and try to get everything for free or discounted (or else I would have waited 10 days for a free copy of Leopard), but I was a little more than surprised at his attitude because I preach to everyone I know how cool Apple and the Apple stores are. And although I haven't spent a million there, I bought 2 macbooks a year ago, a MBP 2 weeks ago, my touch 2 weeks ago and my MB tonight. I guess I was just a little let down.

Sorry for the long post...

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