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Originally Posted by Zoolook View Post
Oh shop around, for sure. Lots lure you in with promises of cheap domain names etc, but you really should read the fine print.

I used and - I have no issues with them so far, but there is a lot of choice out there.
Yes - the fine print is important, as 'ownership' of domains can be nebulous at best.

There are basically three ways it's done (more or less);

1. You register a domain via an ISP, and they retain ownership. This is the worst scenario, as they could in theory take control of your domain at any time. You have no right over it. Bad idea, normally very cheap, or even free.

2. You register a cheap domain, the ISP/registrar will have a small clause that says if you move it, you have to pay a release fee. You still ultimately have the right to do what you want with the domain, but it could be expensive.

3. You register the domain in your own name - it is yours, you can move it about whenever you feel like it. Almost certainly the most expensive choice, but unless you're on a severely restricited budget, do this. I'd say you should take this option ABOVE trading up photoshop - imagine if you turn your domain into a nice big business, and some sleezebag takes your domain?

Ref the design part - I'd suggest get something cheap / free to experiment with. Dreamweaver is (IMHO) a very good package, but if you try and start off with that, with no knowledge at all, it may just be too complex. It takes some getting used to
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