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thanks for the imput...i guess i should clarify a little more....

The reason i am getting the computer is to organize, edit, and share(sell) my photography..( I will be creating the website myself, i dont have any experience in this )

i have already decided to upgrade photoshop cs3 (i have 7 on my pc now) now i dont know wheather to use dreamweaver...($$$ ) or stick with the iweb ...

If iweb is the better choice for me then .mac may be the easiest solution...

If dreamweaver is a better choice than i might as well go with a different host besides .mac because what im hearing is that .mac doesnt like personal domain names...

Again i dont have any experience with this stuff, but really am trying to learn and buy the best combination of hardware/software to get the job done

Any opinions or just telling me what your setup is would be really helpful!

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