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Good morning everyone, this is my first post!!

Just to give you a little background about me, Im a college student and i think i can call myself a serious amateur photographer....I am looking for a set up that will be portable and allow me to create a website (with my own domain name) that will let me display and possibly sell my photography.

I have been looking at the macbooks and am pretty set on the white 2.16GHz with maybe upgraded ram and hard drive....

What i dont know is what kind of software to get...(I havent used a mac since late 80's early 90's when they were that all in one box) I have been reading up on i web/.mac set up and i like the ease of use...but i dont understand what it means that in order to use your own domain name you have to "transfer stewardship" of your domain name to apple.....(NOT SURE IF I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT)

I need a combination of software that will allow me to create and post a website gallery of my photos, and possibly sell a few on the way....

ANy suggestions for the right tools would help me a lot!!


PS. Im waiting to buy macbook until leopard is hopefully in the next few weeks
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