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It'll run better either way (with 1+2 or 1+1) than it does now. I *believe*, though I'm not sure, that it'll run in dual channel mode for 2GB of the 3, if you put in a 2GB stick in addition to the 1GB that's in it now. Even if it doesn't, though, you won't see any performance hit to speak of. You're running in single-channel now, so...

I'd get the 2GB stick for now. And that whole "Macs are very sensitive..." thing is only half true. You should get decent quality RAM no matter what system you run. Cheap (not to be confused with inexpensive... the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive) RAM can cause all kinds of weird issues. Get something with a lifetime warranty... that's generally a pretty good indicator that it's a quality product. Samsung is good (though it's rare to find Samsung-manufactured sticks on the retail market; they sell their chips to other companies which sell modules, but they don't generally sell RAM of their own brand anymore, at least that I see), OCZ, Patriot, Corsair, Kingston, Crucial, Transcend, and Mushkin are good as well.

You need PC5300 or PC5400 DDR2/667 SODIMMs. is good, as is (they have a store in Vegas, btw; should run newspaper ads on Fridays) and is good too.

These are the cheapest 2GB sticks I can find on each site that's in stock that I'd recommend:
ZipZoomFly (hideously expensive, in this case, btw):

And here's Crucial's page thrown in for good measure... (even more expensive... o.o) They're a good company to deal with as well:

Notebook RAM Buyer's Guide- How much, what type, what brand, where to buy, etc.
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