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Laptop RAM and desktop ram is NOT interchangeable. HOWEVER, your iMac doesn't use desktop RAM. Or a desktop CPU, for that matter.

The iMac is, functionally speaking, a battery-less laptop that sits on your desk. So yes, the ram out of your friend's MacBook should fit and work fine. That being said, DDR2 is *dirt cheap* right now. 768MB of RAM is better than 512, but OSX would benefit greatly from a gig or two. You should seriously consider spending some money and upgrading to a full 2GB.

Here's a 2GB kit which will work just fine in your iMac that's less than $70CAD:

For that price, you'd be crazy NOT to buy it. You'll see a massive speed improvement in *everything*

Notebook RAM Buyer's Guide- How much, what type, what brand, where to buy, etc.
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