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Mac Specs: 24" 2.8ghz IMAC, MB Pro

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I purchased a 24" Imac last week from my local Apple store. A Intel extreme model. Since buying it it is mostly working well for me with a single exception. The Apple IMAC 1.1 update bit me a bit and I had to reinstall and be sure not to install that update so my mac would freeze less when I went to play warcraft and did other graphics intensive things. It helped alot with that but it still freezes every now and then.

I have considered the possibility of exchanging my IMAC for a Mac Book Pro at the apple store. I already have a Dell 24" LCD so I imagine I can hook a Macbook pro right up to that and an external mouse and keyboard and it would be just like I had an imac but without the look. Plus I would gain the portability of the laptop.

Question I have for those familiar with both platforms is, given the imac is made from laptop parts would I notice any real difference in performance if I went this route? Granted the macbook pro CPU would be slightly slower since I don't believe they offer the extreme cpu in one of them.

Specifically I was considering 15.4-inch: 2.4GHz (MA896LL) which is the 15.4" model with 256 megs of video memory and 2.4ghz cpu. How would the performance compare? Would I even notice a drop? Honestly the video card in the laptop actually looks like a better card to me. IMAC has a ATI 2600 HD and the macbook pro has the Geforce 8600m GT.
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