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I have considered the Apple TV and for the price/size its a steal.
Question 1. how rich is the video playback quality? I have looked at the ones on display in two different apple stores and i was not impressed. They had it running on a HD TV but the image quality was poor, When i asked the salesman about it he jumped around my concern by saying that when your watching it from a distance the image looks fine .
Question 2. I have a 56' TV and i will be storing the movies on a 1TB external USB 2 hard drive attached to the AppleTV. Would i be able to play .AVI or would i have to convert the movies to another format? I noticed the website states m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats but hoping there might be a way around that, i dont need to know the process yet, just if its possible.
Question 3. How user friendly is it with recording TV? this is because my gf would be using this feature and she get frustrated with technology very easily.

Sorry to ask you guys this when i should have asked the guy at the apple store but after the first answer he gave me, i was affraid to ask any others.
Thanks for your help.
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