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For me these are the pros and cons of the white and Aluminum imacs. Cause in many respects they are similar

White (Pros):
+ Mouse and Keyboard and computer all match. They are all white. And they look really stunning. The keyboard is just a white version of most desktop keyboards.
+ No glare with their matt screen. And it looks superb when running.
+ A little cheaper cause they are not the newest product anymore. But still they do exist in some places and occasionally appear on the apple refurbished site.
+ Comes in 17, 20 and 24 inch models

White (Cons):
- Doesn't have as good specs as the new imacs. Internally the new imacs are probably better in every way. The one exception is the NVIDIA graphics card on the white 24 inch model. Some people think it's better then the current imacs graphics cards, other people say the reverse. But in my opinion all on the imacs in this range with a discrete graphics card (ATI or NVIDIA) are still very capable of running all the moderm apps and should handle 10.5 just fine. The new imacs aren't that much better.
- Comes standard with 2 x 512 MB of memory. A little hassle when upgrading the memory cause you'll have to replace both sticks. But it's still quite easy to do so. Just means it'll cost a touch more if you want 2 GB memory.
- Can only address a maximum of 3 GB memory. Where the new imac can address more. But 2 GB will be way more then what most people need anyway.
- Keyboard is slightly hard to clean under the keys. But this is only a very slight negative.
-Will probably only come with tiger and ilife 06

Aluminuim imac (pros):

+ Price: Roughly the same prices as the white imacs were when they were new. Still more expensive than what you can get the white imacs for now. But I think the prices are resonable
+ Specs: Internally superior spec wise to the white imacs.
+ Can address a maximum of 4 GB of memory. 1GB more then the white imacs. But 2 GB will be way more then what most people need anyways.
+ Comes standard with 1 x 1GB of memory. So upgrading to 2 GB is slightly easier/cheaper then the white imacs. But memory (not from apple) is rather cheap these days.
+ Comes in 20 and 24 inch models only. This is a plus cause the 20 inch models are resonable priced. Not all that much more then the better of the 2 17 inch white imacs.
+ if you wait 2 weeks it will come with leopard and ilife 08.

Aluminuim imac (cons):
- Nothing matches. The computer has the new aluminum and glass look but the keyboard and mouse (still a white mighty mouse) look a little out of place. This is really only a minor negative. Cause the 3 pieces themselves look really nice. So there's no worry of having to hid them when visitors come around. They are not ugly. Just 3 lovely pieces but not of a matching set like the white imac has.
- Glossy screen. I'll call this a negative cause of the mixed feedback it has. But I really suggest you should look into going to a store and seeing this screen for yourself. Some people think it creates way too much glare and others are ok with it. But it's really a personal decision.
- The new keyboard. Again you'll have to look into this one. Some people love it. Others including myself don't. But a trip to a store with a new imac keyboard to try out would be a good idea. Then you'll know if you like it.


My final advice. Both imacs will look simply great in your family room. Even switched off. No need to hide them away like the old grey computer boxes of old.

And which one would I choose? I'd look at the keyboard and screen of the new imacs. And if you can live with those then I'd say get that one. (and bring a little light or torch with you so you can put it behind you when you use the computer in the store so you can simulate the conditions in your family room to see in the glare is an issue). Only if you have major issues with the glare of the screen or the new keyboard screen would I suggest getting a white imac.

And if you choose a new aluminum and glass imac I'd tend to agree with the above poster and say wait till leopard is released.
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