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An Update -

I did finally receive my DVD-ROMs back in a package from UPS. I guess despite the Laptop Guy's insistence that this was included with the original package, they were able to find the DVD-ROM's still in their shop (Note: these are not new replacement DVD's as they are clearly in used condition with minor scratches (I am not accusing the Laptop Guy of causing the scratches, as I am sure that these discs had minor scratches when I sent them, they still work)). I guess despite the fact that the company assured me that their QC could not have possibly allowed them to send back the computer without the DVD-ROMs, they must have done so, as I just received them in a separate box on Friday.

Maybe, just maybe, this means that the same QC that claimed to have put the DVD-ROMs in my original box, also did not notice the hard drive was not replaced or that the bracket was not put back into the computer or that the wrong amount of RAM was installed or that the case was scratched.

I did take the Computer to an Apple Store for estimate to repair the damage to my computer. It is over $1003.69.

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