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ok, i'm on the verge of buying two iSight, one for me and one for my girlfriend, since i'll be leaving to spain in about a month, we need to keep in contact and maybe save some money in long distance calls.

So iSight was a great options as far as i know!..... my question is this:

1- how's the video conference quality with isight?....i've read reviews saying it's's has the most real-time video conference out of all the webcames in the market. is this true??

2- i'll be in spain and she'll be here in dominican Republic (Carebbean) so we'll be pretty much on the oposite side of the world. Can we video conference and TALK, using isight??, so that we can communicate as if it was a phone? there much lag in the conversation? is it clear?

thanks for the responses.

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