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in case anyone missed it

10. You get insanely jealous every time your iPod "interfaces" with your computer.
Shawn L., Orlando, FL

9. You're the only one at the People For The Ethical Treatment Of iPods meeting you organized.
Eric U., Milwaukee, WI

8. You're planning to introduce it to your parents over Thanksgiving.
Dempsey C., Norton, MA

7. Your license plate reads: PANCAKES-1 (sorry, that's a sign you're in love with iHop).
Joe T., Pennington, NJ

6. You keep e-mailing Apple, asking them when they'll have a vibrating version.
Simply T., Cleveland, OH

5. You move to San Francisco in hopes that it will soon be legal for the two of you to marry.
Bob L., American Fork, UT

4. Replace your old running mate, Edwards, with your new running mate, iPod.
Steve W., Vinton, IA

3. You just downloaded in your pants.
Jack S., Hoboken, NJ

2. In an argument with your wife, you point out she can't hold 10,000 songs.
Jeff W., Austin, TX

1. One word: iSex.
Michael B., Kansas City, MO
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