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I have this display from a friends G5 that he gave me. Its great but I have an ibook which doesnt support dual monitors, so I just bought a powerbook which uses the same DVI input.

But I was shocked to find that it actually doesnt fit! Is there an adaptor I should be using, or is this designed to only fit into the G5 desktop for some technical reason?

The monitor is the Studio Display 17" which came with the G5 desktop, and has a male DVI output. Meanwhile the powerbook also has a female DVI input, but the metal ring around the pins on the monitor DVI output is too big for the smaller, more squareish ring around the pin inputs on the powerbook!

Any suggestions are appreciated.

PS yes I know this is my first thread, a damm newbie question. I bet you people hate me. haha. Well Ill do my best to contribute to the community in later posts.
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