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Try just using these. It worked for me.

After download is complete, double click the icon that
appears on yourdesktop, then click CONTINUE, then CONTINUE again, then OK
on theINSTALLATION WAS SUCCESSFUL screen.2. Open the new folder created by
the extraction process. It will appearsomething like epson1XXXX (X
represents variable numbers).3. When you open this folder, you will find a
file with a .DMG extension -double-click it. This will create another icon
on the desktop with the nameof your printer. Double-click to open the DISK
IMAGE file.NOTE: In most OS 10.4 systems the installer will perform this
stepautomatically and you will see an INSTALLER.PKG file.4. Double click
the INSTALLER.PKG file to start the installation process.5. The next menu
will prompt you to ensure that you have AdministratorRights to install the
printer driver. Click on the lock (if necessary) andenter your password.6.
The actual installation process will begin. Click CONTINUE, thenCONTINUE
again at the SOFTWARE AGREEMENT window, then CONTINUE again, thenAGREE.7.
You will be prompted to select a disk to install the printer to. Selectthe
appropriate Macintosh HD or OS X drive or partition and click CONTINUE.8.
In the next window that appears, click INSTALL.9. You may be informed that
the computer needs to be restarted afterinstallation; click CONTINUE
INSTALLATION here. The driver will now beinstalled and the system
optimized. Restart the computer when install
iscomplete.Configuration1. Make sure that your printer is turned on and
connected to yourcomputer.2. Open the HARD DRIVE, go into the
APPLICATIONS, and select the UTILITIESfolder.3. Double click on the
PRINTER SETUP UTILITY. If your printer is listedcorrectly, close out of the
windows and test your printer, as it is alreadyinstalled.4. If it is not
listed click the Add tab at the top of the Printer Browserwindow. Another
window should open showing the printer model you have,highlight this and
select ADD. Close out of any open windows and test yourprinter. Please
make sure that you select the correct printer in the PAGESETUP and PRINT
menu of the application.If you do not see the name of the printer in the
Window ensure the deviceis powered on and connected directly to your
system. If you still do notsee the printer name try another USB port or
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