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I have a 14" g4, everything runs properly as far as I can tell, but lately I have been getting some strange temp variations. Normally the ibook temp hovers in the 120 range. For the last few days for some reason it has been hovering around 167. Now this 167 reading was after it has been sitting idle for quiet a while. I went to force quit to see what was running and making it so hot, and nothing was running. There are absolutely no programs running as far as I can tell, I am using an icurve to keep the ibook off the desk, so the heat cad dissapate through the bottom. I restarted the ibook and left it for a bit and the temp was again in the 160's. Now here I am running Safari, Mail, Yahoo with Isight and all have been on for over an hour and the temp is reading 126.7. What could be causing these strange temp variations?
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