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I am going to replace my 10gig drive on my iMac 400 DV with a new one. The old one will be put aside until I can afford the $2k to recover the information lost on it when I initialized it.
I am pretty bummed about my old files but now much I can do about it now.

What is the best drive for under $100? I would like to have at least 40gigs but the more the better. I also heard that I shouldn't go with a drive faster than 5400 rpms, is that true? I see a lot of 7200 rpm drives. I ve never had to replace anything on a mac product, and I know absolutely nothing about hard drives, what to look for, what brand to go for or stay away from.

Do they all fit in my iMac? Do they plug right in? Help me decide please.

p.s. if you know anyone who can recover my old information off of my drive much cheaper please pass on my information.
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