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Originally Posted by XJ-linux View Post
I upgraded from the stock 120GB 5400 to a Seagate 160GB 7200. The 7200 beats the 5400 hands down. Most noticable to me when ripping video to iTunes, at boot up, opening apps and the like. Remember, OS X is UNIX. UNIX relies heavily on paging space. Faster HDD = faster paging space. Xbench showed improvements for me, but bottom line is I rarely see beachballs anymore.
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Oh, happy day!! well, sort of... I have a new option now as I recently had a desktop PC bite the dust (recent lightning storm) and i'm very sure something was fried. now when i boot the PC it tells me that there is no operating system, and when i try to install windows, the whole computer turns off 1/4 throught the install. So i could just upgrade my macbook drive to the 200GB 7.2k and get an external case for the other 2 drives that were in my tower PC. now, the question is what external case is the better choice... time for some research!
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