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Thank you so much for this brilliant information! It is exactly what I was wanting to hear. I had looked at Seagate drives on Ebuyer and wondered if they were reliable or not, but I now think I am 100% convinced of getting a Seagate 7200 drive. Which capacity, I don't know, but anything bigger than 100Gb will be good for me.

I do a lot of video work and generally work from an external drive in Final Cut Pro to save the onboard laptop drive. But lately, with the projects I have been doing, a lot of my work is performed on the laptop to save having to unplug and bring my external Seagate everywhere.

I just thought last night, with a bit of luck, The New OSX might be out by the end of November so I was thinking of getting it too and installing it on my fresh hard drive along with the new ram and then it would hopefully be like having a new computer again (maybe).

This has certainly helped. If I do wait and get the new OSX, I just want to understand one thing. installing it. Is this how it should go?...

1) With the new hard drive installed, put in the OSX 10.5 installation disk and hold down (D, C?) to initiate the on disk software.

2) Choose disk utility from the software on the DVD

3) Use disk utility to format the new drive (on this point, which type of format would you reccomend for a fresh OS installation?)

5) Reboot the laptop and follow the onscreen instructions for installing OSX 10.5

I just wondered because I haven't done that before. I know you can do it but just wondered if this is the right sequence of events I should follow.

Cheers again for your brilliant info. A faster drive would suit me more, and if heat and power consumption is neglegable, I think I'll gor for the fastest.


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