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I have an HFS+ formatted external USB drive for my Macbook. Now sometimes is spontaneously unmounts when I am using it. It has happened when I was watching a movie from it, which I rarely do. Usually it happens when I click on a folder in the drive. Also when I am copying a folder to the drive. Sometimes I can copy fine. Sometimes it just unmounts itself midway through the process.

What could be the cause if this problem?
I know that the power adaptor for it was a bit faulty. Recently the drive made a humming in my speakers when I plugged it in. I tried that power adaptor with another drive, and the same buzzing happened, and conversely the used a different adaptor with the first drive and there was no buzzing. So I guess the adaptor is faulty.

Could it be that the adaptor damaged the drive? Or could that be a coincidence? Any advice? because, I bought the drive and the case separately. I was going to return the case (with adaptor) only, but if the drive fault is caused by the adaptor, I want to return the drive too.

Thank you

Using brand new macbook
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