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Originally Posted by rsunusi View Post
Well good to know some americans are hopping on the BT P2P bandwagon, where Europe rules !

Walkerj, your post and subtle hints are as coy as a blushing virgin, but I understand ya'll still living under the big boots of corporate big shots.

I don't understand the hypocrisy here - we're not free to TALK about bittorrents and P2P because the mods get scared out of their pants .. guys please get a backbone and some sense, it is a free country and no infringing is going on !
Precisely. Living in America (which is a great James Brown song I might add) makes it so I have to be necessarily coy about what and how one would use bittorrent to download stuff. Here's a little disclaimer: There are "legitimate" uses for the bittorrent protocol here in the 21st century of the internet.

The 'corporate boot' is exactly that. I happen to work for one of those big corporations and they seem to have been formed strictly for the purposes of farking with people, and litigation seems to be the big money-pot anymore these days. Heck, some of the recent policies that Apple has implemented with the iPhone and other iProducts are reflections of this "infringement" (or as they like to call it, "piracy") FUD that is being slung about in what is a global (and corporations like to tout their 'globalness' while keeping an American outlook on how laws should be enforced) environment. So yes, it is the absolute definition of hypocracy.

Anyway, with the router settings I originally posted, I get something on the order of anywhere between 20-150kbps depending on the seeder/leecher ratio of whatever it is I might be downloading. I've tried other BT clients, but azureus is one that is at the very least most reliable so I use it. I have a 5MB/S FIOS (fiber optic) connection with a non-cable-company ISP.
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