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Originally Posted by knightlie View Post
Yes, they removed the fourth contact from the headphone jack. Apparently they were stuck between two ways of doing video out, and each method would screw a different group of users, so they picked one (the most obvious one, IMO) and used the dock connector.
Well it's not so much the fact that they removed the composite output from the headphone jack that bothers me (although it would've been nice to use that über-cheap cable); it's the fact that they've disabled nearly every existing option that uses the dock connector by requiring some new specialised cable. That means that none of the portable video docks (the ones with larger screens built-in) will work, nor will the existing solutions for connecting an iPod to one's television. At least this is what I gathered from last week's Inside Mac podcast...

Originally Posted by RNDdave View Post
The only things I don't like are that the hard drive seems to make a bit more noise than my other iPod - not loads of noise just every now and then I hear it 'click'... The other thing I really am irritated by is that my favourite iPod game (Texas Hold'em) doesn't work (I really hope I'll be allowed to download it for free if/when they update the iPod games)
Good luck on that. The existing games that have been reformatted for the Classic (such as Ms. Pac-Man) have to be re-purchased.
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