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Well I got a shiney new iPod Classic earlier this week (went for the black 80GB offering). One thing I'm really not happy about is the lack of pouch that Apple included pouch with my iPod 5.5gen 30GB white jobby kept my ipod looking perfectly new (great for the recent sale to help fund my new purchase).

I left the new item in the drawer for the rest of the week until a silicone case arrived for my new toy. I've just loaded my music and today is my first real chance to play with it - I love it. It seems fast enough and I like nearly all the little UI tweaks. Yeah there is a bit of lag sometimes, but it's a very small lag and I don't notice it that often.

The only things I don't like are that the hard drive seems to make a bit more noise than my other iPod - not loads of noise just every now and then I hear it 'click'... The other thing I really am irritated by is that my favourite iPod game (Texas Hold'em) doesn't work (I really hope I'll be allowed to download it for free if/when they update the iPod games)
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