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Originally Posted by joeyc View Post
What do you recommend if I sold the iMac? I want to either make a lateral move performance wise and save some money or make a lateral move money wise and gain some performance.
I say take the money and run. If you already have a portable (G4 iBook), a mini as a storage/ media device, and a A&G iMac, what else do you need? A G5 PowerMac would be cool but a $900 G5 PowerMac will not get you much (it would be a downgrade in performance compared to the Core Duo iMac.) The technology is older. The only other performance gain you might see with $800 is if you bought the new C2D 2GHz mini and stuffed it with RAM. Even then the performance upgrade would be extremely minimal.
Tell me, what would you do with another computer if you got it? If you got a second mini, what would you use it for? If you got a G5 PowerMac, what would you use it for? Would you use it for something one of your other Macs can't handle?
Buy an iPod or iPhone or something. Or a second monitor for the A&G iMac. Or just save it.
If you really want a new machine to play with, I have a few for sale. (See sig.)

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