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Hi Guys I am in a bind, I need to make a shortcut of another device that is only accessible via IP address show up on the "desktop" of a mac ox10 desktop PC. I know how to do it on a PC but not a mac, maybe if I explain it in Windows term you guys will see where I am comming from.

On a Windows XP pc I would click "Start" then "Run", then type in the ip address of what I want to access "\\" then the window that comes up I would just drag the little computer icon next to the address bar onto the desktop. I would now have a shortcut of the network device on my desktop!

Or I can map a network drive in windows but just replace the computer name with the IP address and it would work the same.

The device that I am trying to share it with the mac is not a NAS drive, it is only accessible via IP address, no workgroups. The system is a mp3 whole home distrubution drive, I want to make it easy for one of my customers with the mac to just drag and drop his MP3s into a folder on his desktop, so his music will show up on the system.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I am a idiot when it comes to macs.
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