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Hello all... I have a 20" iMac 2.0 Intel Core Duo (not C2D). I picked it up for a good price - I can most likely sell it for the same amount (maybe more). It has 1.5 GB RAM, 500GB internal HD, otherwise stock.

I also use a 12" iBook G4 1.33 with 1GB for web surfing, email, light photo work.

And have Mini 1.66 Duo with 2GB of RAM that I use for my iTunes server hooked up to my TV.

My question is, is there a better alternative to the iMac for around the same price range ($800). Less would be even better as money is an issue right now. Maybe the Mini could work for what I want and I could get something less for the living room.

Any thoughts on optimizing performance, yet saving some money? I'd rather get out of the iMac now while I can walk away with no harm. I have a 20" Alum. ACD as well, so maybe a new Mini with 3GB capability would be a good solution, although I have always loved the G4 Cube - any upgrade possibilities for that, or is that a step waaay back? How about a G5 Powermac - maybe 2.0 dual or something similar?

I don't use photoshop - primarily Lightzone, Bibble, Photomatix, iPhoto '08.

Thanks in advance.
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