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Well, i would like to abandon hard drives all together, so i will be using a CF card. I saw a site where a guy had a 15GB cf in his mini.
80GB is way to much for me. Id have no use of it.
And i have looked into the prices, i havent gotten it yet so im not sure what it would cost to fix it, but i did the math, and if EVERYTHING is wrong with it (which isnt true because i know for a fact that the screen works), it would be about $70.....if i do some smart ebaying (which i will) thats about $20-30 for the logic board, $10 for a battery (look on ebay, im not kidding), and $30 for the click wheel (being generous). I can spend forever on ebay and get better prices. As for a CF card, im gonna start out small to test, so shouldnt be expensive.
It doesnt seem worth it, but the mini is my favorie iPod. I had a nano, it wasnt for me. Bad on the durability side. Also whats the point of a color screen if the only thing you can do is view (tiny) pictures.
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