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okay everyone,

I saw a particular listing off of ebay that got me interested. for a dead mini, it doesnt say how or why, but the case looked in REALLY good condition.
So, if i bought it, worst case scenario, what would be the cost of fixing it?
Im thinking that if the hard drive is bad im going to take it out and replace it with a compact flash card, if not, leave it in.

So ive come up with this, assuming that EVERY single thing does not work, but i need some help as this is a very very very rough estimate.

New logic board-$45-55 (ebay)
New battery $20-35 (ebay)
New hard drive (CF flash card), 4gb ($35-$60), may want bigger one, but i want to know if the hard drive it comes with works first.
Click wheel $??? Am i the only one doubting anything would be wrong with the click wheel? I dont know.
So, worst case possible $150, which is more expensive than another mini, and since nobody is looking for an imac g3 and wants to trade me (LOL, dont blame ya) But i get the satisfaction knowing i can upgrade the storage (opposed to nano)

What do you think? What should i do? I think im gonna go for it, i doubt that EVERYTHING will not work, correct me?
ive never had a hard drive ipod before, and had a horrible experience with a 1st get nano (screen cracked under hardly NO pressure, apple wouldnt fix it (it was 4 months old) because there was a very small dent in the back caused by a leather case with a button type hook that was hard to push so it dented it. i spend the money to do it myself, then to find out while i had no screen for a while the battery had somehow completely drained itself and was dead. So i just said heck with it and gave it to my 12 year old brother. Hearing the news, my father immediately went out and bought him a brand new battery (which he didnt want to do when it was mine......), sure hes younger but nice to be thought of.....and its been somehow ticking away ever since, even though having another screen replacement...that one was because i went to visit and i was driving a mower and he was in a trailer and i turned to avoid the cat who darted out into the grass and flipped the trailer. come to find out his nano was in his pocket and screen was smashed. He immediately blamed it on my 'crazy driving'. but honestly, who has their ipod in their pocket while riding on a mower, with ME driving! ha., but after i gave the nano away i did miss it, so ill give ipod another chance.

Ok, what am i missing in the mini situation?

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