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I don't know about that exact model but our radio production studio at college used Mini-Discs for that exact reason (vox-pops, interviews, on-location news reports etc).

They weren't used with Macs because the DAWs in the radio room where all Windows machines. Judging from the set up we had though, I don't see any reason why you couldn't hook it up to a Mac: 3.5" minijack cable from the headphone port (or a TOSlink cable if it supports digital/optical out) to the line-in port of the Mac. Boot up your choice of sound recording/editing software, chose the input, hit record, hit play on the mini-disc and boom.

Our setup was much more complicated with multiple input/output sound cards hooked up to Hi-Fi component mini-disc players through an amp, in turn connected to some beefy speakers; all with optical/digital connections, but the process is essentially the same.

Also I wouldn't really use a Mini-Disc for music playback; not that you can't, I'd just figure it's more hassle than it's worth. It found it's place great for recording stuff; loss-less digital format with an "analogue" way of getting the audio from the disc to the computer bypassing concerns about audio formats and compression that come with DAPs and with much higher quality than cassettes. But for music playback? It never really took off because it was far too complicated to get your music on there; it really is like going back to creating mixtapes. My advice it to get the Mini-Disc and something like an iPod shuffle or nano. Much more enjoyable experience, much quicker, and much easier.

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