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Hello, I am a Windows user experimenting with a new Mac. I need some help figuring out how to organize my photos and import new ones in general.

First, a little background: In Vista I had created folders to arrange all of my photos in. I had one for every year and then in those years I had photos for different events. I used Picasa to help me arrange the photos and it was straight forward and easy enough to manage.

Upgrade to OS X/iPhoto and I am a little stumped. I have copied all of my old photos and their folder structure into my Pictures folder on the iMac. I then imported them into iPhoto. It seems like iPhoto made duplicates of all of my image files and hides them under a single filename in my picture folder.

I like iPhoto but I am a little confused on how it works behind the scenes. Should I delete all of my original photos since iPhoto has now imported them in? Where should I store new photos I get off of my memory cards that aren't organized yet? If there are some tutorials or documents on this online already a link would be appreciated or maybe some Mac experts sharing how the do things.

I am stuck in the Windows flat folder storage way of thinking and can't get a grasp on iPhoto.
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