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I am a newcomer on this forum so I would like to salute everyone.
I havebeen using a Mac for a couple of years now so I can say that i came around a couple of situation with it. I am still a great fan of Mac and I am now running Panther on my Mac.

My brother in law just got a iMac last month and tryed to download file from the net. He dowloaded a file and tryed to run it on his pute. He did not know that he needed to check those file before trying to run them on his machine and did not know about extention, it happen that the file his a .exe file (window) so its still trying to run since then.

I tryed to trash it but its given me the message thatit can not be deleted because its in use I then restart his machine hoping that it will stop trying to run it with no luck. I know that I could be abble to go into the terminal and type a command in there that will stop this think spinning for eternity, but I dont remember witch command to type in there. Anyone in here knows Unix command to type at the prompt so it will stop the exe file trying to execute and delete it from his machine.
Andé Chapdelaine
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