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Originally Posted by goobimama View Post
Don't play around with magnets since that macbook has got a hard drive in there... Alter some 1s and 0s and the whole thing will come tumbling down...
Have you ever disassembled a broken hard drive? They've got magnets in there to control the seek arm that when you extract them from the drive are powerful enough to literally crush your finger if you get it in between two of them. I use them to put heavy stuff on my fridge that I really, really, really need to stay on the door.

Now my spectacles have magnets that allow me to stick my glasses (and the clip-ons) to my whiteboard or some other adjacent convenient vertical ferrous surface, but I'm pretty sure the occassional brush with them isn't going to do more to my Macbook than put it to sleep.

But yeah, I like the notion of metal objects flying toward my face like something out of a Tex Avery cartoon
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