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ummm sorry gobimama but like i said i wouldn't suggest iworks because he wants to use msn like he said.... so with that in mind yeah his options is like i suggested unless he installs boot camp.....which i have never used
ummm also i hate to put down iworks 08 but pages isn't QUITE up to the MS word standard that most people have come used to... its good for fancying up stuff but its not quite up to snuff if I can say that for things like what a normal student might use it for. Numbers is neat but again excel is the way to go if your doing the real crunching on numbers like i do for school and stuff
although ill give iworks ONE THING and one thing only
it does have keynote which is lightyears away and ahead of power point in my opinion ....sorry for the rant but im sick of people who are like I WANNA GO ALL MAC and dont actually think about what they are actually using it for.... if you are a publisher or something i dont know and you need to have everything fancy then go for iworks08 if your a simple student and just need an essay done by monday.... go for MS OFFICE...someday in the future apple ...will probably be the way to go but not just quite yet...sure they are cheaper but thats cause they need to be competitve
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