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Hi there,

I recently bought myself a brand new MacBook that came with a trial version of Microsoft Office: Mac.

As I already own a copy of Microsoft Office: Mac 2004 (Student & Teacher Edition) - I didn't bother with the trial version and just wanted to install my full copy onto my new computer. I knew I had to remove the trial version before installing the full version - however instead of clicking the 'Remove Microsoft Office' icon I just dragged the whole Microsoft Office Trial folder from Applications to the Trash and deleted it. Big mistake! Now when I try to install the full version it won't let me!

Because I didn't uninstall the trial version "properly" some sort of hidden residual data is hiding somewhere on my new MacBook - and now my MacBook refuses to proceed with an installation of the full product. I rang Apple Support who couldn't help me - they say it's a Microsoft problem - and Microsoft Support told me it's an Apple problem!

I've searched folders on my MacBook but can't find any left over Microsoft files. How can I install a perfectly legitimate copy of Microsoft Office on my MacBook now?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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