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Hi guys, my mac was recentley in an accident and to my dismay, a headphone jack plugged into the headphone socket snapped, leaving the tip inside the socket. After ringing apple i then found that this would not be covered by applecare, as it was a 3rd party problem and would therefore be costly to fix (they quoted between 40 and 570 quid).

Anyway, basically im looking for a (prefereably cheap) solution, either to

A) remove the tip of the jack myself (very risky,could void warranty and likely to fail)

B) Find a short term solution i.e. somehow bypass the mute activated when headphhones are plugged in.

C) find a another way of playig audio i.e. USB soundcard, streaming over wifi/bluetooth etc.

I looked at using airtunes, but it appears that only works for Itunes, and not general audio.

Many Thanks in advance
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