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Wow.. frustrated!

I don't think / probably wouldn't normally use iMovie 08 to edit a screencast. But since it's new and all, I wanted to give it a try. To be honest, once you learn it, it's not bad. Some of the gripes people have are actually easy resolved. But anyways, on to my problem.

I decided to take a screen capture via SnapzPro X. Once I was finished recording the screens I wanted, I imported them into iMovie 08. Things are going well, I'm chopping and trimming clips (yeah you can do it! ) etc. About 3 hours go by, I'm finished editing, I play it in iMovie to make sure it works well. and it looks pretty decent. So I go to export it. I tried the settings for the new export options.

It worked... kinda, I exported the video and all I get is my transitions and titles. The actual screencast does not show up! I don't know what's going on, I've even encoded it with quicktime, exported the xml to finalcut, finalcut didn't see the transitions but it did see the screencast video.

So here is my question, does anyone know how to get the video to show up? It plays perfect in iMovie, but it's not exporting what I just edited. I'm really frustrated because everything else went so well, and after 3 hours of editing these clips all I get it black where the video should be and then transitions and titles.

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